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Above & Beyond Get a Little Dark With ‘Distorted Truth’

Beauty is completely subjective. That is the magical thing about music, or any art form for that matter. The guys in London super trio Above & Beyond have mastered the art of creating beautiful music that makes you feel something. With their latest release, “Distorted Truth,” the trance legends have embraced a darker side, while still holding true to their uplifting sound. The song is very complex, with a classic trance feel combined with a darker synth tone that is mesmerizing. It’s a borderline hypnotizing track as the onslaught of sounds will make your mind race. You can get a feel for what I’m talking about with the accompanying (and sometimes dizzying) video below. 

“Above & Beyond – Distorted Truth (Official Video)”

Whether it’s one of the melodic trance anthems we are accustomed to from the A&B trio, or an abrasive darker tune like their newest single, these guys know how to tug on the heart strings. “Distorted Truth” comes on the heels of the on sale announcement of the group’s return to The Gorge Amphitheater for their first ever Group Therapy Weekender, which you can get tickets to here. On top of that, their Common Ground Companion EP, which contains “Distorted Truth” will be arriving on March 29th. As if they haven’t already cemented themselves as pioneers in the dance world, 2019 promises only to propel them even further than before, and we are completely here for it. 

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