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Must Die! Has Us in a State of ‘Bliss 2K’

Seattle-based producer Must Die! has “bass architect” and “dubstep pioneer” listed in his Facebook bio, and these descriptions couldn’t be better articulated. Must Die! is an incredibly versatile and experimental producer, constantly pushing genre standards and paving pathways with new sound designs for future producers while still producing bangers that the average listener can connect with. If you’re looking for any proof of this, look to his latest hard-hitter, “Bliss 2K.”

This genre-fluid and freestyle dubstep track oozes creative experimentation with a hardstyle infusion in the builds. As one SoundCloud commenter insightfully points out, it has a “Sandstorm” influence in the intro, which automatically warms the listener up to its unique sound. “Bliss 2K” is evidence that Must Die! keeps his sound fresh and relevant while also spearheading the search for new styles in the dubstep world.

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