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RB Deep in the Mix: Jeremy Olander on Vivrant Radio

There are few who have mastered and understand the tech house genre quite like Jeremy Olander. His music combines the best of both genres, creating a musical experience unlike any other. His music’s bassline and the progression stay true to his Swedish techno heritage, with hauntingly deep and translucent bass hits. While maintaining the techno undertones, Olander manages to incorporate all the colorful and seductive drums, synths and soundbites from the world of house, creating an enticing sound.

For this week’s RB Deep in the Mix, we are diving into the latest episode of his radio show Vivrant Radio.

This set is a journey, and managers to send listeners in a complete state of bliss. The set has a progressive tone to it, starting slow and building into a broader more complex sound. This episode of Vivrant radio is packed with unreleased ID’s and exclusives from Jeremy Olander himself.

Olander has been perfecting his unique sound after debuting in 2011. After working on numerous different labels including Eric Prydz’s label Pryda Friends, Olander went on to create his own label Vivrant. He’s signed numerous artists and has hosted several label showcases. Jeremy Olander also performs drum-heavy techno under his separate alias Dhillon.

Jeremy Olander is bringing his out-of-the-world sound to the valley on April 5th and 6th at Phoenix Lights. Grab tickets here.

Connect with Jeremy Olander: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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