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RL Grime Launches Record Label with New Single ‘Arcus’

RL Grime recently announced his latest and greatest initiative, the creation of Sable Valley. Not a place, but a world of grime and filth, Sable Valley is the newest record label in the scene of the trap master himself.

As he welcomed this brainchild to the world, he accompanied it with the imprint’s debut track “Acrus” with fellow trap producer, Graves. Kicking things off on a grandiose note, Sable Valley houses one of the hottest tracks we’ve seen this year thus far. In perfect RL fashion, we are met with a build up and drop that is so impactful, it’s almost emotional. The track carries an inspiring yet hard vibe that brings both of the producer’s talents to the forefront.

Curious on what exactly Sable Valley means? I was too. Via the homepage Sable Valley website, we are met with what looks like a video from the early 90s on some scientific documentary on a cutting edge progression on humanity. Come to find out, that’s just RL being a genius mastermind. Leveraging the ideals of finding a way to “coexist through sound” RL Grime is here to take over your eardrums.

Sable Valley – Orientation (Official Video)

It’s all sort of mysterious but then again- we are dealing with Henry Steinway- the man who never doesn’t anything by the book. He’s made quite the splash in the music world in the past week and as we wait for his AZ return a Wet Electric on April 27, we’ll ride this wave with him. Don’t miss the epic upcoming event with RL GrimeBenny Benassi and Tails. Tickets are on sale now, grab them here!

Connect with RL Grime: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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