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GWN & Dirt Monkey’s ‘No Escape’ Gets a D&B Rework by Doctor P

A year ago, a heavenly concoction of heavy dubstep and liquid bass was made between Ganja White Knight & Dirt Monkey. But switching their track “No Escape” from wompy dubstep to heavy-hitting drum & bass is a task for the doctor himself, Doctor P. He’s an MD in dubstep and drum & bass, so there’s really no expert better suited than him for the job. Let’s admire his handiwork, shall we?

The original by GWN & Dirt Monkey is wubby and grimy with fluid bass; the perfect lovechild between these producers. Doctor P hikes up the energy of “No Escape” by a LOT with a speedy BPM, snappy drums, and bass so hard you really might need to see a doctor afterward. The high pitched synths from GWN & Dirt Monkey’s original is infused into this remix, preserving the funky vibe of the original “No Escape.” Between the original and the remix, there’s something for everyone if you’re a headbanger or drum & bass lover.

Would you like a referral to see the doctor? We’ve got you. Make an appointment for April 5th & 6th to see Doctor P as well as Dirt Monkey at Phoenix Lights this year! Get your tickets now.

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