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Watch It Wednesday: The Chemical Brothers – ‘Got To Keep On’

The Chemical Brothers have released a stunning video for their new single “Got To Keep On,” directed by genius auteurs Michel and Olivier Gondry. The third track taken from the Chemical Brothers’ forthcoming album No Geography is an irresistible liquid disco number that’s sat at the heart of the Chemical Brothers’ globe-spanning, mind-bending live shows for the past year.  Michel Gondry previously directed envelope-pushing videos for the Chemical Brothers’ singles “Let Forever Be, Star Guitar” and “Go.” Check out this week’s pick for Watch it Wednesday below.

‍    The Chemical Brothers – Got To Keep On (Official Video)

The video starts out as a sort of Footloose intro meets Pharrell Williams studio dance session hybrid. The people featured are colorful and choreographed to the nines. About midway through, the video takes a cinematic turn that will have you pondering the real meaning behind what it means to “got to keep on.”

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