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Whipped Cream Goes from Dessert to ‘Desert Woman’ with Zhu Remix

The sweet treat that Vancouver producer Whipped Cream masquerades as may be sugary and delicate, but her music and sound design is really anything but. Born Caroline Cecil, Whipped Cream has been destroying the bass scene with her idiosyncratic and untouchable style, storming into huge festivals like Shambhala and Hard Summer with obvious determination to blow her crowds away (spoiler: she takes no prisoners every time.) Her latest remix of Zhu‘s “Desert Woman” is a powerful embodiment of both herself and her sound.

There’s an almost immediate shift from deep house to deep bass with Whipped Cream’s remix, switching out the vintage synths for heavy-hitting synths while still maintaining the same dreamy, distant vibe. It’s sprinkled with mysterious twinkling echoes towards the middle of the track before slapping the listener in the face with her electric bass. With her “Desert Woman” remix, Whipped Cream proves she can effortlessly shift the genre of a song while still preserving the original energy of the song.

Make sure you catch Whipped Cream as a real Desert Woman in the Arizona desert when she comes to Phoenix Lights April 5th & 6th! Get your tickets now.

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