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Black Caviar Hops in the ‘El Camino’

Black Caviar just dropped a beautifully exotic trap banger “El Camino” and it’s been received with much praise. “El Camino’s” bassline is infatuated with Latin electronic tones, loud brass instrument melodies, and grimy hip-hop vocals. With Miami Music Week just last weekend, this track has a perfect Miami Vibe and is an instant summertime anthem. In a statement from Black Caviar themselves, they explain that “El Camino” is a tribute to the one and only Pitbull.

Troy Hinson and Jared Piccone are the masterminds behind Black Caviar. They have amassed over 100 million total Spotify streams. They just finished up Miami music by playing 6 different sets at various pool parties and nightclubs. Their last track “Slippon” on Don Diablo’s label Hexagon has already scored more than half a million streams on Spotify and Soundcloud. Even though the duo is fairly new, only debuting in 2016, they have already reached a huge level of success within the industry.

The duo is stopping by Phoenix Lights THIS WEEKEND to bring us that Latin trap on day 2. Grab tickets here.

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