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Hold the Door! Kristian Nairn Presents Rave of Thrones

It’s almost over: there are only a couple episodes left of Game of Thrones. Few things related to the Game of Thrones world will live on after the series finale in a couple of weeks (like the prequel series, perhaps?) and one of them comes in the form of a progressive house DJ hiding behind the character of everyone’s favorite servant of Winterfell, Hodor.

Hailing from Northern Ireland, not Westeros, Kristian Nairn rules progressive house from the DJ table instead of the iron throne. He’s a multi-threat man: a guitarist, an actor, a part-giant (just kidding) and a DJ all in one! Nairn first went on his “Rave of Thrones” tour in Australia and the US in 2014, and now he’s bringing it back to end our years of watching battles, romances, and other epic stories of Westeros with one big party as part of his Evolution tour. Kristian Nairn is going to hold the door for us at the Van Buren on our first Sunday without a Game of Thrones episode to ever look forward to again. Wipe your tears! Celebrate the GoT universe and get your tickets here.

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