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Kendoll is All About the ‘After Hours’

Haven’t heard of Kendoll yet? No worries, the killer new Night Bass artist is taking house music by storm. In just a few years, she has landed on Dim Mak, Psycho Disco!, Dr. Fresch’s The Prescription Records, and has found her way playing for new crowds each month at an alarming rate. This Insomniac Records release featuring Dread MC might be her best so far, with the perfect mix of uk garage house and dirty bassline house. Right up there with Phlegmatic Dogs, Volac & Blossom, Kendoll might just be the newest hot name on the block, and you might have to do a double take. Check it out below!

Coming off her wild 5 track Night Bass EP, this likely superstar in the making seems to have even more tracks holstered, as she is seeing a pretty regular release schedule while making everyone feel her presence. Many house artists are quickly gravitating to the addicting UK garage style, but few attack it the way she does.

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