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Shoreline Mafia Goes Heavy on ‘Breakdown’

California hip-hop collective, Shoreline Mafia, delivers hedonistic trap/rap focused on partying, sex, and drugs. After a slow but persistent rise in the late 2010s, they finally got the recognition they deserved when signing with Atlantic Records for their major-label debut OTXmas in just last year in 2018.

The group has four members—Fenix, Ohgeesy, Rob Vicious and Master Kato–who came together in a throw of fate. All pursing different ventures and coming from different worlds, this unlikely quadrant is Shorely one in a million. Their sound is influenced by the greats like Max B, 50 Cent, Three 6 Mafia, and Gucci Mane. In their early years, they recorded and partied together, but didn’t cement their status as an official group until 2016. Their debut mixtape, ShorelineDoThatShit, arrived in late 2017. Produced by RonRonTheProducer, the set featured the singles “Musty” and “Bottle Service”. Gaining massive recognition and success, the group has created a die-hard fan group and garnered millions of plays.

Their latest is a roaring rap beat that has overtaken the cloud. It’s been up for just a week and it’s already teetering on 33k plays. Breakdown goes hard and it’s something you need to listen to right now. Check it out below.

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