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Spin it Back Saturday: 4B – ‘Hands Up’

Bobby McKeon, better known as trap super DJ 4B, may only be 4 + 20 years old, but he’s already spent 11 of those years spinning and producing absolute fire. He’s earned rightful recognition from top dogs like Tiesto, Diplo, Skrillex, DJ Snake, and more for his outright insane ability to make nearly every track a staple for trap sets. Songs like “Whistle” and “Pop Dat” bump across big stages under the electric sky, played at festivals by 4B himself and other supportive DJs. Another track from 4B that absolutely slaps is “Hands Up” from his Weapons EP, and it’s the song we’re featuring for this week’s Spin it Back Saturday.

If you’ve somehow never heard “Hands Up” before, you might as well just throw your hands in the air now. Clapping hands and high-pitched samples shoot this track into the air before the addition of “Let me see your hands up,” vocals, mirrored with those same vocals altered to be high-pitched for a really fun effect. A deep bassline and a minimalist drop will have you jumping, twerking, and, yes, putting your hands up. If you want to experience this all live, catch 4B when he goes b2b with Flosstradamus at Trapfest at The Van Buren. Get your tickets now.

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