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A-Trak Creates Magic with Latest Remix

Alain Macklovitch, better known as A-Trak, has impressed listeners yet again with an exciting remix of “Ready to Love” by The Magician. A-Trak’s incredible talent in taking a song, adding his own style to it, and improving upon the original is arguably unmatched as his mixes gain an insane amount of popularity and enjoyment. As his long-lived career continues to show no signs of slowing down, the 37-year-old producer consistently showcases his originality, variety, and ability to appeal to a wide range of listeners. His musical style is ever evolving and his work is truly inspiring on many levels.

The remix retains some of the softer tones of the original track, however, it adds newer, more exciting elements that are sure to have you dancing to the beat and grooving to the newfound, creative sounds. A-Trak manages to create something so unique with this remix that it almost feels like an entirely new song, and boasts an arsenal of upbeat vibes, seductive beats, and wonky flourishes. Though The Magician is the original producer of the track, A-Trak certainly fits right in as he creates his own magic with his astounding work on this piece.

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