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BIJOU’s Latest Will Make You ‘Lose Control’

As G-House begins to grow, we’ve been seeing the popular Chicago house subgenre continue to evolve. The G-house is heavily influenced by rap and hip-hop but BIJOU is changing the G-house game with his latest song, “Lose Control.” It’s a perfect example of how this genre is rapidly evolving. BIJOU, born Ben Dorman, has been leading Arizona’s G-house movement for several years and every release gives us another reason to love this talented producer. “Lose Control” was released late last month and features vocals by Orlando based rapper Marco XO.

“Lose Control” is a unique song with powerful basslines placed behind sentimental lyrics by Marco XO. The vocals fit exceptionally well with the song and Marco XO’s voice compliments this light G-house fusion. The synths used in “Lose Control” mimic Marco XO and add an interesting element to a genre that usually does not incorporate many lyrics at all. The song is melodic, yet retains the drum patterns and heavy basses that make G-house so distinct. BIJOU has shown us a new side to his extensive musical ability with “Lose Control” and yet again has proven himself to be one of the most multidimensional artists in the industry.

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