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Finding New Love Through Retrograde, Autograf Releases Latest EP

After three years, Autograf has returned to the scene to bring us their latest EP Love & Retrograde. Amid personal struggles, the trio has risen from their lowest points to find new, unwavering appreciation for their careers, each other, and their music. They were ready to give up after long-term relationships ended and family crises arose, but as they say, it’s always darkest before the dawn. Mikul Wing, Louis Kha, and Jake Carpenter pushed through and came out on top with a bundle of songs that reinvigorated their motivation to do more. An interview with Billboard goes in depth with the group about the meaning of each song and just how they managed to come up before they fell. The EP is five tracks full of experimental combinations, new vocals, and reinforcements that they are still rooted in their signature sound.

But Autograf isn’t done yet. This new EP is just a backstory for their upcoming album full of more songs to complete the story arc they have so wonderfully crafted in Love & Retrograde. They will be on tour through August, optimistic for whatever the future may hold.

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