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Spin it Back Saturday: Hermitude – ‘Speak of the Devil’

Australian electronic hip-hop duo Hermitude has been beloved for a while now for their producing philosophy, which in their words is, “We try and leave our egos at the door when we come into the studio and just focus on writing the best possible songs that we can.” This mindset, combined with being surrounded by the beautiful Blue Mountains in New South Wales, has resulted in intoxicating and explorative sound textures in their music. A classic favorite, and this week’s Spin it Back Saturday, which emanates these vibes is their 2012 track “Speak of the Devil.” Hear it again or for the first time below.

In the words of Hermitude on producing music, “We were creating our own landscape using all these elements as the paint.” This landscape is artistically formed in “Speak of the Devil” with groovy synths, hip-hop infusions, and a vintage vibe, and together they eloquently separate Hermitude from the rest. If you’d like to immerse yourself in the melodic canvas that is Hermitude’s live music, then don’t miss their set at Goldrush on September 27th & 28th. Make sure you get your tickets now!

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