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Subtronics Delivers Filthy EP ‘Cyclops Army’

If you are looking for some pure bass filth to soundtrack your week ahead, then Subtronics is your guy. His new EP, Cyclops Army, is four tracks of immensely savage and blood-curdling bass so bold that it will make you sick.

Released on his own label Cyclops Recordings, Cyclops Army is a disgustingly raw and vicious compilation that’ll have necks breaking and heads banging. This is a 4-track EP that encapsulates all the best in driving bass music at this current moment. Subtronics has been one of the artists leading the charge and delivers again with this release.

Give Cyclops Army a listen below!

He shares more on the project, saying:  “The Cyclops Army EP is all of my favorite unreleased slappers that I have been refining over the past year. The goal is to blend heavy dubstep and left-field bass music while pushing boundaries and doing something unique. The EP will be released on my new label Cyclops Recordings. The label name and EP title are a tribute to the day-ones in my fan group Cyclops Army.’’

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