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Zeds Dead and DROELOE Team Up on ‘Stars Tonight’

Yes, you read that right! Two of the most talented, artistic, and straight up dynamic duos in the EDM industry have come together to collaborate on a new track, and the result is even better than we imagined. The quadruple-member collab includes widely-known and respected Canadian DJ Duo Zeds Dead and strikingly artistic and Netherland-born electronic duo DROELOE. The four men put their heads together to create a song so beautiful, mind-blowing, and oozing with originality that you’ll find yourself lost in the musical stars riddled within this breath-taking track. Listen to the track below:

Zeds Dead x DROELOE – Stars Tonight (Official Audio)

The song begins with melancholy piano melodies that are soon joined by heavenly vocal runs and a strong beat to guide the listener through their musical journey. It has incredible variety in moods, paces, and vibes, and the style goes through incredible changes and growth throughout. This is a track you’ll definitely want to listen to all the way through, as it is constantly evolving and more and more of the artistic vision is revealed as you get further into the sounds. Quick! Look at the sky! You don’t want to miss the ‘stars tonight’.

Connect with Zeds Dead: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with DROELOE: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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