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Adventure Club & Quix Team Up for ‘Life Long After Death’

Dub duo Adventure Club and trap master Quix have combined their talents to produce an ode to the emo kid in all of us. Adventure Club has a dynamic streak to their music, producing dubstep tracks that can flow from soft melodic to heavier beats. Quix, meanwhile, drops filth that sits on the trap side of the spectrum. When you combine these sounds, you’re guaranteed a track with multiple layers to appeal to everyone. Their latest collaboration, “Life Long After Death,” is a melodic dubstep/trap hybrid with a streak of punk rock. Listen below.

The introduction to this song has plucking strings similar to those at the beginning of Fall Out Boy’s song “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.” This is a sure indicator that we’re going to get a song that strikes a nostalgic chord in all of us, and AC and Quiz don’t disappoint us. BadXchannels lends his soaring, punk vocals to complete the theme of this track. If your inner scene kid is thriving after listening to this single, make sure you find yourself at Adventure Club’s set at Goldrush on September 27th & 28th for a chance to hear it live. Get your tickets here.

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