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Green Velvet Releases Groovy New Track ‘Discogirl’

The neon-haired, eccentric Green Velvet is back with a bright new single begging for teased hair, platform boots, and funky moves. “Discogirl” is yet another full-bodied experience by Chicago House pioneer that will find you standing under a disco ball’s glittering reflections. Partnering with Greek producer Mihalis Safras and dripping vocalist Val, Green Velvet delivers this groovy track just in time to spark unfettered excitement for his upcoming Goldrush performance. From the very first beat, the ’70s electronic buzz shimmers behind sticky vocals and a puncturing bass line making heads bob and feet bounce. Grab your neon and listen below.

Green Velvet has been an enigma since emerging in the ’90s. Performing under different names, starting his own label, and creating hilariously innovative songs alongside dark oozing tracks at the same time. His style never ceases to amaze audiences and his personality resonates through each of his productions. Preacher Man will be bringing his sparkling aura to Arizona in September for the third annual Goldrush. Click here to snag some tickets, and don’t forget your disco moves.

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