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Sink Your ‘Fangs’ Into Ghastly’s New Single

Ghastly has proven to us that being successful in this industry requires risk and experimentation. Born on a small goat farm in Arizona, David Lee Crow has worked hard to become the multidimensional DJ and producer he is today. Now, seven years after his first release, Ghastly has announced his sophomore album, Haunted House. While the official release date is yet to be announced, Haunted House has become one of the highest anticipated electronic albums of 2019 and last week Ghastly gave us a sneak preview. “Fangs” is the first single to be released from the new album and features bass house rising star, ALRT. “Fangs” has us seriously hyped for the full release and you won’t want to miss out on this genius song.  

“Fangs” starts with an otherworldly intro complete with beautiful vocal chops and bright synths. The intro unfolds into a drop that mixes classic bass house elements with some new sounds that add a refreshing twist to the genre. The percussion makes “Fangs” a great song for dancing with a beat that will get the entire party on their feet. While the drop is genius, the best part of the song is the breakdown where we really get to hear Ghastly and ALRT’s pure musical talent. Dreamy pads and synths buildup into funky groove that suddenly transitions into the second drop. “Fangs” is everything we had hoped for from Haunted House and provides a fresh new take on bass house. 

If you enjoyed “Fangs”, you’re going to want to see Ghastly at Goldrush Festival at Rawhide Western Town on September 27th and 28th (tickets available here).

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