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DJ Jazzy Jeff & DJ Scratch Present the Vinyl Destination 45 Tour

DJ Scratch & DJ Jazzy Jeff might not be names you’re familiar with, but we’re going to change that for you. They’re legends of the game, DJing on old school vinyl turntables before CDJs were the new normal. DJ Scratch is a Grammy-winning DJ whose performances have led him to be called upon to man the decks on tour for Jay Z, Diddy, Q-Tip, and others. DJ Jazzy Jeff may be Jazzy from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alongside Will Smith to you, but he’s also a DMC Championship winner and multiple Grammy and AMA nominations. Together, these two masters are presenting an epic show in DJ history.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & DJ Scratch are about to school our generation on what DJing REALLY means. As DJ Jazzy Jeff tweeted above, they’re touring a show where they play only 45s, AKA turntables old-school style at 45 RPM. They’re cheekily calling the tour “Vinyl Destination 45,” obviously a play on the Final Destination movies. Using turntables is not nearly as common as it once was, so you’re going to want to catch this set while you can. Pay your respects to DJ history and see these two play at Salt: Tacos y Tequila on September 13th. Get your tickets here.

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