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Alex Sensation Releases Steamy Track ‘Pa Lante’

Javier Alexander Salazar, famously known as Alex Sensation, is one of the top Spanish electronic music producers in the world. Born in Columbia, he came to the US when he was 16 and immediately launched into club DJing, even though he was underage. He quickly found himself DJing at the prestigious Copacabana club in New York, where he gained the attention of a successful DJ at the time. A few connections and DJ jobs later, Alex Sensation is now a sensation in the States now, too. His latest track, “Pa’ Lante,” is a delicious taste of Salazar’s music if you haven’t yet encountered it. Listen below.

“Pa’ Lante” is a moombahton track with Latin groove, flirtatious male and female vocals, and a seductive beat. The song is fluid enough to chill to at a party or move your hips to on the dance floor. In any case, Alex Sensation will have you feeling some type of way. Indulge in a sensational night when he comes to Salt: Tacos y Tequila in Glendale on August 31st, get your tickets here.

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