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Ekonovah and DirtyFun Wow on Latest Collab

You ever hear a collaboration so perfect you wonder why it hadn’t happened ages ago? That’s how it felt listening to Ekonovah and DirtyFun‘s latest, “All I Need.” Featuring a vigourous bassline and simple yet sultry vocals that repeat the title name over the beat, this track is a Summer standout.

“All I Need” was released via Do Not Duplicate Records, launched earlier this year. The track finds itself on the Unlocked Vol 2 [Compilation] among other rising talents.

About the record, Ekonovah says, “‘All I Need’ does a great job at showcasing both my and Tyler’s styles. Our collaboration felt seamless! Just a few Skype calls and the track was finished. DirtyFun is so talented – seriously, every time he texts me new music it blows me away. It was great working with him. I’m stoked that we got to put this out on BIJOU’s label.”

As I play it on repeat for the third time I can certainly concur, this is ‘all I need’ heading into the weekend! Catch Ekonovah opening for Chris Lake at The Pressroom on October 4th. Grab tickets here.

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