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Illenium Transcends Expectations on ‘ASCEND’

On August 16th, Illenium released the entirety of ASCEND, his third album. The album has 17 songs and lasts pretty much exactly an hour long. This album has been highly anticipated by fans, especially after the release of “Good Things Fall Apart” featuring Jon Bellion in May.

We’re happy to report the album surpassed all expectations. Climbing quickly to number 1 on the iTunes Dance Album Chart, ASCEND became a very quick and well deserved success. Illenium’s incredible blend of acoustic sound, raw vocals, and electronic music comes together to create a symphony of impressive songs. Check it out below.

The album as a whole rolls from one song to the next smoothly. Melodically, the album is laid out in such a way that it just makes sense. The keys of each song flow effortlessly into the next. I was blown away by the musicality of this album. The emotional journey Illenium takes each listener on I found to be the most important part. The album features beautiful lyrics which each carry a different message but play very much into the melancholy, emotional theme that I felt so deeply with each song.

Illenium’s passion for music shines through with each note in this album. Not only does it bring emotion, but it brings amazing musicality and deep, wonderful lyrics. You can see Illenium play it out LIVE this December at Decadence AZ! See the full lineup and grab tickets here.


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