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LSDREAM Will Take You on a Journey via ‘SPACESHIP’

You may remember back in 2018 when L.A. based producer Sami Diament broke the news to the twonk trap nation that his persona Brillz would cease to exist. The truth was, however, that the beloved bass god was still very much alive and present, just reinvented to create a whole new experience that quickly came to be LSDREAM.

Diament debuted this new project on the Wakaan label with the release of his first LP Voyager that featured popular tracks like “Awake.Exe” and “Ten of Pentacles” delivering a downtempo, deep future bass tone that’s comparable to the label’s owner, Liquid Stranger.

In April, LSDREAM unveiled his second full-length release titled Renegades of Light showcasing a more melodic, mid-tempo sound in tracks like “Phoenix” with Varien and “OM NAMO” featuring vocals from Sarah Hudson. On the other hand, on this sophomore album, Diament’s proven himself to be a jack of all trades with trip-hoppy songs like “Rekt” featuring Kayoh or new beat tracks like “Expand the Universe,” comparable to those of our static-bass queen, Rezz.

Over the course of the last few weeks, Diament has taken to Twitter to prep fans for another intergalactic ride. Just four days ahead of the drop he shared a link that allowed fans to pre-save the track and later he pridefully posted “This one is for the dreamers, the heartbangers, and the rest of you beautiful aliens.”

Today, we’re graced with the long awaited drop that features the icy and entrancing vocals of Meredith Bull who personally invites us into the spacecraft to embark on the interstellar voyage that is “Spaceship.” Take a listen below.

To begin the track, if you close your eyes, the synth is comparable to the famous Stranger Things intro. In both tunes, you feel as if you’re sinking into a dark, deep abyss. In one case that abyss is the Upside Down. . . in this case, once the tempo lifts, you’re immediately free falling through space and time, floating through the galaxy to the tune of sometimes muted and often times heavy future bass.

From every album to each individual track, LSDREAM provides an earthy, ambient feel while still greatly emphasizing every beat. Whether it’s Brillz or Brillz reincarnated, trappy or trippy – Diament continues to deliver his own indiosyncractic sound taking fans on a sonic journey to all sides of the bass world.

We give him mad props for pushing the boundaries and chasing his dreams (LSDreams to be exact), now let him take you on a trip this October 4 at Shady Park in Tempe. Grab your tickets here!

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