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Spin It Back Saturday: Justin Jay – ‘Everything’

There are few blissful beats like those born from the meadow in the mind of Justin Jay. His soulful house music dances on the wave of airy, groovy tunes with a careless energy that his listeners easily adopt with every mix and track he releases. Whether he’s throwing down a DJ set or playing live with his bandmates, Justin Jay is cool and you can’t deny it. One of his coolest songs, a timeless track called “Everything” from around six years ago, is this week’s Spin it Back Saturday. Travel back in time and listen below.

With robust piano keys and angelic male vocals, “Everything” is everything good in a house song. It’s a little deep, a little soul, and a lot of smooth, tranquil sounds. Essentially, the track IS Justin Jay. The man himself exudes chill beach vibes, on stage and in song form. Make sure you ride the waves with him at this year’s Goldrush September 27th & 28th. Get your tickets now.

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