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UMEK is ‘Ravaging’ the Dance Floor with New EP

Just one month after the release of his Vibrancy EP, UMEK was back with yet another EP, a three-track acid house project entitled Ravaged. This marks the third EP the Slovenian DJ/producer has released in 2019, on his very own 1605 label. Hit play below and see what you think.

The title track sets the tone right off the bat with its assertive kick drum and acid house vibe. “Cacophonous” brings in some techno elements paving the way for literal “cacophony” about halfway through. Closing it out on a softer note is my personal favorite, “Anomalies In Heart Rate,” featuring more melodic elements, but still with an acid house tinge.

You can catch UMEK at our upcoming Goldrush Music Festival this September 27th and 28th. See the full lineup and grab tickets here.

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