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A$AP Rocky and Boys Noize Work Together on ‘Babushka Boi’

A$AP Rocky wasted no time getting back to his creative lifestyle after his recent fiasco in Sweden. After the notorious publicity received from his incarceration, Rocky released a video “Babushka Boi” within just a couple weeks. Rocky started wearing babushkas after being cut in the face to hide the scar on his face, thus the title “Babushka Boi.” He repeats over in the song, “The world is yours, Scarface,” referring to himself as Scarface. The song was produced by Hector Delgado and Boys Noize, and written by A$AP Rocky himself.

Rocky has worked with EDM producers in the past, making some of his most popular songs to date, so it is gratifying to see that he still has his ear for a great collaborative beat.

The video looks to reflect the perception Rocky has of officers, law enforcement, and where he fits in between it all. The video starts out with a view of police officers dressed with masks on to make them look like actual pigs in police uniforms. Rocky is playing on the metaphorical stereotype that law enforcement are “pigs” and makes it a physical matter. You can also see other members of A$AP dressed as part of Rocky’s gang, as they successfully rob a bank and get away with it. The ending of the video comes to quite a paradoxical shock, comical in the fiction world of music videos of course, but still sequentially intricate.

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