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Felix Cartal & Veronica Get Real on ‘Faces’

In one of Felix Cartal‘s newest tracks, vocalist Veronica helps this eclectic take on human connectivity take full flight. Released by Physical Presents, Felix Cartal begins the musical journey with gentle piano chords evolving with studio-snaps and a simple guitar riff to beef up the track in preparation for the chorus. Littered with tiny trumpet notes and a relaxing backbeat, “Faces” combines the elements of a chill kick-back and ambient sensibilities.

Felix Cartal – Faces (feat. Veronica) [Lyric Video]

Veronica lends her restrained soprano to give a muted yet sensible approach to the well-written lyrics. While much of the world’s electronic music doesn’t usually rely on the contribution of vocals, the calming grooves of her vocals become one with the coffee-shop vibes.

Faces’ is about getting over our fear and remembering that we’re all human, and that trying to connect with someone on a real, in-person level is important,” says Felix Cartal. Veronica echoes his sentiment, saying “We want to remind anyone listening that there’s nothing more important than the people we surround ourselves with, so don’t hide from the faces.”

By almost mirroring the lyrical meaning of having the many masks we put on in public, Felix Cartal wisely puts himself in the passenger seat as he allows Veronica to convey the message of the track with honesty and ease. This single could be seen as a mainstream risk with its slower tempo, but there’s no question we need more electronic ballads and chilled-out jams on the airwaves. Download their new track here.

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Photo: Johnny Jover

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