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Eli & Fur Go Deep ‘Into The Night’

Eli & Fur, composed of Eli Noble and Jennifer Skillman, first teetered on new legs in the music industry as teenage songwriters, writing lyrics for infamous pop artists. In no time, though, their passion for electronic music led them away from pop and into London’s club scene. Since then their melodic tech-house sets with sweet sprinkles of their own vocals have seen the stages at huge festivals like Coachella, Tomorrowland, and Ultra Miami. The unanimous success of their 2018 EP Night Blooming Jasmine saw the duo return to their songwriting roots and accumulated over five million streams. Following this, Eli & Fur are back with the Into The Night EP. Soothe your ears below.

Reflecting on Into The Night, Eli & Fur say their latest EP is a self-professed collection of poems, thoughts and musical ideas about “personal experiences, being on the road, and things that inspire the both of us.” Regarding their creative process, they believe “It’s always special to create things as a duo as each of us have feelings we want to write about and emotions we want to communicate through the music both lyrically and melodically. This makes the process more interesting.” In addition to the title track, the hypnotizing three-track work of art features the two originals “Don’t Say” and “You And I,” which both compliment the pair’s distinctive vocals and deep club sound. That sound is coming to the wild west when Eli & Fur play at Goldrush on September 27th & 28th. Get your tickets here!

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