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Five Times Hermitude Made Us Buzz

Angus Stuart and Luke Dubber, better known as DJ duo Hermitude, started their career in a small community west of Sydney, Australia. Their journey as artists both in and out of the electronic scene has been a culmination of being involved in a wholly unique style of crafting. Their music has transpired from two groups in their youth, Funk Injections and Explanetary, into the legendary Hermitude that experiments with both electro and hip-hop instrumentals. Mixing and morphing their sound to something non-uniform has paved a way for their dazzling success around the globe. Award-winning and crowd-captivating, here are five times Hermitude has made us BUZZ:


5. Hermitude was born!


After returning home from the US in 2000, Dubber and Stuart began jamming together again with instant connection and fire. Two years later they signed on Elefant Traks, releasing a vinyl-only EP. Imaginary Friends is a seven-track collection that has never been printed on CD or recorded for streaming, basically making it a die-hard Hermitude fan collector’s item. It’s a lo-fi, down-tempo production that takes listeners back to a style that landmarks that early 2000’s sound. Even though their music has evolved into something more electronic, looking back at their roots is a fascinating experience and reveals a side of Hermitude you may have never heard before.

4. Their first North American tour


In 2014, Hermitude dropped classic hit “Ukiyo” without the support of radio or video services. The track stood alone and mastered the test of its time reaching millions of plays over the next few months. That same year they toured North America supporting Rufus Du Sol. Taking over the stages with a dynamic and live experience, that US agents weren’t prepared for, peppered their career with even more success and fervor. As fans, we weren’t ready either. The hum surrounding the duo was beginning to grow and with a vengeance for trends, the community couldn’t wait to see what would be coming next.

3. “OneFourThree” Music Video Drops


Flashing forward to their success in 2019, we see the release of more songs from their forthcoming sixth, that’s right, sixth album. The music video features Buddy and BJ The Chicago Kid in an outrageously comical skit following a convenience store employee trying to win the attention of an angsty customer. With neon vibes and the high powered synths of the track, the video expresses the creativity and aesthetic Hermitude and his collaborators truly master in all areas of artistry. We’ll have to learn those moves before making way to the Hermitude performance at Goldrush.

Hermitude – OneFourThree Feat. Buddy and BJ The Chicago Kid (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


2. New album alert!


How special are we? Hermitude debuts Pollyanarchy a day before they take the stage at Goldrush AZ 2019. Waiting for that producers show just to hear unperformed songs live for the first time is always agony. But for Hermitude fans, the wait may only be a few hours before they grace the stage with original tracks, new mixes, and collaborative names. Of course, a few songs have already been teased and some released. Mark your calendars, because the story created by tracks like “Stupid World,” “Every Day,” and “Northern Lights” is about to be completed on September 27th.

 Hermitude Pollyanarchy Announcement

1. “Do you feel the buzz or is it just me?”


Something’s been in the air since Hermitude first made their appearance as Funk Injections in 1994. 25 years of making music has truly taken the world by storm. Crafting non-stop groove worthy tracks, remixing songs with Hermitude flare, and even having their music remixed by names we all know and love has solidified their essence in the scene. But what really makes us buzz is their 2015 hit “The Buzz.” Featuring Mataya and Young Tapz, it became Hermitude’s highest-charting song. This goose-bump inducing track is full of so much energy and flair that every time it comes on shuffle it’s impossible not to be filled with memories of past raves and those moments that really make EDM unique to you. But, this one can speak for itself and if you haven’t heard it enough, here it is one more time.

Be sure to find yourself at Golden Gorge on Saturday to feel the vibe and aesthetic this has duo so masterfully crafted through the course of their career as multifaceted artists. Unique and free-flowing in every way, their dynamic is enough to make us all buzz long after the set’s end. Grab tickets for Goldrush on September 27th and 28th here!

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