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Gareth Emery Wows with ‘Laserface 01’

Are you a fan of lasers or trance music? How about both of them combined? Gareth Emery, highly-praised British trance producer and DJ, has arguably one of the most astounding productions in the world that can deliver on both of these fronts. He is widely known for his incredible work in the trance scene, but more notably, for his amazing live shows, often called “The World’s Greatest Laser Show.” Laserface is a mind-blowing live show where Gareth Emery’s music is choreographed seamlessly to the laser design of globally-renowned Anthony Garcia. The show combines an unmatched number of lasers with exciting, new technologies exclusive to the show, creating what is known as “the perfect marriage of music and technology” and is sweeping the world off of its feet one country at a time.

Laserface San Francisco (Official Movie)

With his ground-breaking stage show ever growing, the trance DJ recently released “Laserface 01 (Aperture),” the first of several new tracks written specifically for the visual production. With “aperture” meaning “an opening,” it is clear that this newest addition to the producer’s music is not only the opening for his magic-filled show riddled with endless rainbows of lasers, but also that the pulsating synths and uplifting melodies that characterize this track are the first of many to come. Listen below.

Whether you want to experience the “Electric Sky” in a whole new light (or laser), or  just love trance music, don’t sleep on this incredibly talented artist. Gareth Emery is flying full-speed and stopping hearts as he pioneers this generally unchartered territory. You can see him this month at Goldrush Music Festival! Grab tickets here.

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