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Get Your ‘Crabs Up’ for Justin Jay’s New EP

No house music can ease you into a carefree mood like Justin Jay‘s beats. Still riding the wave of his Fantastic Voyage tour and his recent album everything will come together, pt. 1, he stays one of the coolest and chillest dudes in the industry, cultivating a brand that oozes peaceful, groovy vibes. Even with all of the work that comes with earing his success, he’s still somehow hit us with another smooth release. His two-track EP Crabs Up (Bleep Bloop) which also features a remix from X-Coast, comes released on his Fantastic Voyage imprint – listen below.

Crabs Up features two original Justin Jay tracks and an accompanying remix. The title track, “Crabs Up (Bleep Bloop)” is a tropical blend of island drums, playful bleep bloop sounds for which the track gets its name and mystical, synths. Justin Jay’s other track “All My Luv” features a little more funk with soulful vocals and a more pronounced bassline to get you moving. “All My Luv” received special love from DJ Danny Howard, who opened his BBC Radio 1 show with it and gave it the #1 shoutout on his Nothing Else Matters radio show. The included remix is not to be neglected; X-Coast infuses his style into “Crabs Up” for a distorted experience of the original. Justin Jay’s EP of bleep bloop noises is a refined and exquisite continuation of his musical journey.

Embark on a fantastic voyage with him when he visits the wild west for Goldrush on September 27th & 28th. Get your tickets here!

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