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Goldroom’s Releases Hidden House Gem in ‘Everybody’s Lonely’

Josh Legg, known professionally as Goldroom, is an electro house DJ, but he isn’t afraid to break genre barriers. Goldroom has developed a unique style in his dance hits like “Till Sunrise” and “Silhouette”, but his latest EP takes this distinctive, sun-kissed sound a step further. Goldroom’s musical influences are Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem, Nirvana, and Bob Dylan, and the Everybody’s Lonely EP follows in those artist’s footprints in regards to experimentation and musicality.

The EP begins with “Everybody’s Lonely”, a lush, organic song that makes you feel like you’re in a Hollywood movie, driving alongside the beach in a new convertible. The song has a Daft Punk vibe and the slightly electro house feel is softened by guitar plucks and airy pads. Goldroom hits this song out of the park and as soon as I listened I instantly downloaded this perfect track. The next song, “I Can Feel It” featuring Love, Alexa, shares the tropical aesthetic that “Everybody’s Lonely” has, yet has a more tech-house undertone. The dancey, four-on-the-floor pattern plays alongside bright vocals that will put everyone in a great mood.

Everybody’s Lonely takes a deep, edgier turn toward the last two tracks, “U” featuring Chella and “Yellow Flowers” featuring Mereki. “U” is the quintessential house track and the song’s groovy bassline and electronic percussion fits well with the rest of the songs on the EP. As the drop builds up, you begin to hear a deep house inspired bass that adds edge to Everybody’s Lonely. “Yellow Flowers” featuring Mereki is a hidden gem on this powerful EP and, like “Everybody’s Lonely”, has a Daft Punk feel that’s pretty nostalgic. As the song builds in each instrument individually, “Yellow Flowers” goes from tech-house to electro-pop to deep house and back to tech house in the span of five minutes.

Everybody’s Lonely is one of Goldroom’s finest EPs yet and shows off his skill as an experimental producer and artist. Make sure you catch him at this year’s Dusk Music Festival on November 9+10. See the full lineup and grab tickets here.

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