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Hermitude Drops Fall Anthem ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ Featuring Vic Mensa

Looking for the perfect song to create those smooth, chill, and edgy autumn vibes? Australian electronic hip hop duo Hermitude just released a new single that is to sure to fit the bill. With an almost smoky-filled atmosphere, easy but consistent beats, and simple yet effective vocals by American rapper Vic Mensa, this track flows like endless trains of thoughts drifting through the night. The production is rather simple, but simultaneously artistic, and manages to capture an anthem fit for many different occasions. Whether you’re driving with the windows down, chilling with friends, or letting your mind go for a swim in a river of memories and reflection, this track seamlessly adapts and captures listeners in its entrancing vibes. Listen to the track below!

With reminiscing lyrics and effortless production to match, this new track shows much promise as a new fall anthem, especially for listeners wanting to ponder over past memories and current feelings, without diving too deep. Vic Mensa delivers beautiful, mostly slow, and heart-felt vocals while managing to stay true to the mood of the song. He easily lets one thought run into another and never overpowers the experience of viewing everything from an outside and almost apathetic perspective, allowing listeners to simply view each experience and idea like a cloud drifting by. Hermitude’s influences can be heard by the supporting background sounds that guide the track in a thought-provoking and entrancing way, in addition to the sections of distorted, broken, and repeated vocals. With all of these elements combined, the track may be a slower song with chill vibes, but it is anything from lacking in talent, passion, art, and incredible production.

Want to catch the duo’s amazing vibes live? They’ll be playing a set at Goldrush Music Festival later this month at Rawhide right in Chandler! Tickets are going fast, don’t miss your chance to see this incredibly talented duo play alongside a powerhouse lineup of DJs and producers! See the full lineup and purchase tickets here!

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