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LO’s ‘Safari’ Is Essential Listening

Now out for full release through the 2DEX platform is “Safari” from producer LO. After some real success over the past 20 years in the game, he has gained support from artists like Hardwell and Martin Garrix.

Bringing an original single to attention with the help of some great vocals, LO ensures that his production is on point here. A light electronic beat perfectly supports the pop essence of the tones, and its infectious melody proves hard to ignore.

LO shares a little about the track, saying, “The track ‘Safari’ was born on a Saturday in one of Berlin’s typical rehearsal/studio space buildings somewhere in Marzahn. I was hanging out with my friends Chris and Betty and played them the demo instrumental version of the track. They both vibed with it immediately and we just worked on it for a few hours in a super nice flow. The outcome is a hymn to being open to new things: open to the unknown and not afraid of making decisions.“

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