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Immerse Yourself in CharlestheFirst’s ‘No Dimmer’

The world of electronic music is vast and full of producers who are living, breathing gems. Blending unique experimental bass and hip-hop together to create the most lush and immersive soundscapes, Charles Ingalls, better known as CharlestheFirst, is one of those producers. Charles grew up surrounded by nature and its beauty in Lake Tahoe, and there is no denying he has carried that inspiration heavily into his music. Every project by CharlestheFirst is a new story and takes listeners to a dreamy dimension where they can fully be absorbed by his sounds. We are lucky to be taken on his most recent journey of No Dimmer, a 6-track EP that has been blowing fans away. Listen to CharlestheFirst’s latest genre-bending EP below and slip into pure bliss.

Sprinkled with bass, hip-hop, and even a bit of house, No Dimmer has it all. Charles’ signature sounds are on the forefront, but he has given us a taste of everything he is capable of with this EP. “Consumed” will have you instantly hooked and feeling like you are entering another world where nothing but the beauty of music matters. This opening track is smooth and calm until it becomes wonky and dark. Next up is “Room to Breathe” which is so clean and crisp you will feel a sense of ease rush over you, but it will also have you wanting to move to the beat. Charles picks up the pace and shows off some new techniques with “Ove 4.” This track screams lo-fi hip-hop, but with Charles’ own experimental bass twist and a hint of house, and features vocals by Ari Apple, to create an overall mellow and dreamy vibe. The title track “No Dimmer” follows and is definitely a stand out. It gradually builds up to be one of the highest energy tracks on the EP and showcases creamy hip-hop inspired verses by Charles himself with more vocals by Chynna. The producer’s talent is showed off once again in “Limitless” which is layered with all sorts of texture. His ability to make such complex tracks sound so effortless is unreal. Finishing off No Dimmer is “Hair in the Wind” which is upbeat and breezy, giving listeners a chance to take everything in and hear the sounds that are inspired by nature. CharlestheFirst has proven himself to be one step ahead in the bass music world once again with this EP. With the whole project sitting at only 20 minutes, I have found myself playing No Dimmer on repeat after repeat, and I can guarantee you will do the same.

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