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SAYMYNAME and BlumBros Release Hard Trap Collab That Will Make You Feel Extra ‘Boujee’

Right in time for BOO!, SAYMYNAME, the Godfather of trap, is back with yet another heavy hitting banger. This time, he’s collaborated with rap duo BlumBros and “Boujee” is definitely a track that even the pickiest of hard trap fans will enjoy. SAYMYNAME is well-known for combining hardstyle with trap and his magnetic sound is instantly recognizable. Right out of college the Los Angeles based DJ and producer won the Insomniac Event’s Discovery Project and it’s been all uphill from there. SAYMYNAME will be performing alongside melodic dubstep genius, Slushii, midtempo masters, 13 and Drezo, and more, so you really won’t want to miss this spooky event.

Released on October 4, “Boujee” does a great job combining the energy of rap with the power of trap and BlumBros drop serious heat throughout the track. The song begins like a typical rap song, but as “Boujee” progresses, we begin to hear subtle elements of trap that evolve into a full-powered hard trap drop. SAYMYNAME full incorporates rap into “Boujee”, unlike other rap/ heavy bass hybrid tracks, the vocals continue throughout the song, even in the drop. SAYMYNAME proves to us that trap isn’t dead and if you want proof, you’re just gonna have to listen for yourself.

If you enjoy trap music or just want to see this legend live, be sure to check out BOO! on October 19 at Rawhide Event Center (tickets available here).

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