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Kasbo Makes His Return With Emotion Filled Track

Music has the ability to evoke the widest range of emotions, which some may believe to be the most beautiful part of it. Some artists, like Swedish producer Kasbo, create music that is overflowing with those emotion inducing abilities.  If you are already a fan of Kasbo’s, you know exactly what I am talking about; his music is delicate enough to make you cry and vibey enough to make you dance. His debut full length album was released in March of last year via Odesza’s Foreign Family Collective and fans have been begging for more ever since. Last month through an Instagram post, Kasbo shockingly shared why he has been quiet this year following that release; he woke up one morning unable to hear out of his left ear and had been suffering with the hearing loss on and off for months with no diagnosis. This caused fear, insomnia, and depression for the loved producer, but thankfully he has been recovering and feeling himself again, he says. Now, just a few weeks following the post, Kasbo is back with a new track entitled “I Get You” featuring Lizzy Land. Listen to the producer’s highly anticipated track below!

Kasbo’s return shows how much his sound has evolved. “I Get You” embodies everything we love about his work and more. Starting off gentle and bubbly, his usual blissful melodic sound seeps into your ears. Lizzy Land’s angelic voice comes in to sing tender lyrics any hopeless romantic will resonate with easily. In an interview with, Kasbo states that the message of “I Get You” is “someone fully understanding and seeing someone [else]” hence lyrics like, “I get you. I see you.” Full of synths, guitar, and vocal chops, the atmosphere of the track created by Kasbo is unreal and feels like a warm embrace. We are beaming with happiness that Kasbo’s condition has improved, he is feeling like himself again and is back with this emotion filled release.

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