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Subtronics and Midnight Tyrannosaurus Release Mystical New Banger ‘Step Aside’

Step aside, because Subtronics and Midnight Tyrannosaurus are going to show you how it’s done! The two American DJs came together to produce an insane new track and this collaboration is definitely one for the books. Both being strong forces in the underground dubstep scene with entirely different sounds and loads of bass, the two artists were able to blend their styles together and put their best feet forward to merge as one. With Subtronics’ mechanical and bouncy drops and Midnight T’s mysterious and trippy soundscapes, the result is something that can only be described as a down-right filthy masterpiece. This track is an absolute banger and will have you breaking your neck before you’ve even listened to half of it, and will have both your mind and body enticed by the world of wubs. Join in on the insanity and awesomeness below!

The track features simple, interjecting voices saying things such as “step aside, I’m going to show you how it’s done,” with these quotes being followed by intense drop sequences and relentless, rail-breaking bass where the voice repeatedly says “oh my god” over and over amidst the wubs. The collaboration manages to be both artistic and aggressive, riding the line quite perfectly and presenting a banger worth raging to both at events and at home. Get your best bass face on and have your neck brace handy, because you’re about to go hard!

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