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BONNIE X CLYDE ‘Leave It All Behind’ in Haunting New Breakup Ballad

Everyone’s favorite criminally talented electronic duo, BONNIE X CLYDE, are back for one more single before the new year. The iconic duo have had a successful year to say the least with five new releases, a revamped style and sound, and performances at EDC Las Vegas and Ultra Music Festival. To end the year right, Paige Lopynski (BONNIE) and Daniel Litman (CLYDE) released a powerful, captivating breakup ballad, “Leave It All Behind”, that features traditional dubstep sounds alongside BONNIE’s sultry vocals. The combination of melodic bass and poignant lyrics make for a unique track that’s easily one of their most daring songs to date.

BONNIE’s slightly distorted voice starts the song and a haunting, yet magnetic introduction catches the listener’s attention instantly. Electronic strings build the tension until the song makes a sharp turn in a completely unexpected direction. The drop of “Leave It All Behind” is part melodic bass part trap and the dark growls plays out an anthem-like bassline. The best part of the song is the subtle cinematic toms and impacts that carry the song onward into the break. The entire time, BONNIE’s impassioned vocals tell the all-too-familiar story of losing someone close making “Leave It All Behind” one of the more poignant songs released this year. 

BONNIE X CLYDE created a truly perfect song and it’s refreshing to hear a completely new, yet oddly familiar sound from the duo. Their already unparalleled style was perfected this year and we can’t wait to see what their future holds in 2020.

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