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Doctor P Prescribes New DnB Hit ‘Voices’

The doctor is in! Shaun Brockhurst, AKA Doctor P, is returning to his roots with Drum and Bass music. He previously produced in this genre under his alias, DJ Picto. Dubbed as one of the godfathers of bass, Doctor P is popular for his dubstep and liquid bass production, so his new track “Voices” is quite the departure from what most of his fans are used to. Not surprising though, house music has been booming in popularity this past year and many festivals are featuring house producers in their main festival lineups. Doctor P is going back to his roots to create this uptempo track, and after this release I wish for more drum and bass from him going forward.

“Voices” is a high-energy dance track that will get your heart pumping. Doctor P delivers his expertise in complex melodies and lively sound design through this song, and it is prescribed to all his fans to increase their energy to dance all night long. Doctor P released this on his London-based Circus Records Label that he co-founded with Flux Pavillion. Their label is the leader for dubstep artists, so we’ll see how “Voices” is received in the community. Interested in hearing more about Doctor P? You can check him out at the links below!

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