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MEMBA Shines a New Light on Past Track

The past year has been huge for Ishaan and Will of the Foreign Family Collective trap duo MEMBA. They have established their unique and colorful sound more than ever before in the electronic music scene with their SAGA-II EP and visual experience, and a handful of other impressive releases following it. They have been popping up on massive lineups for next year and been touring the states making their name known, and they are doing a great job! If you are familiar with the boy’s older tunes you may know the heart wrenchingly beautiful “Chasing Light.” If not, it is a must listen, especially since MEMBA is back with their most recent release and follow up track, “Chasing Light (Pt. 2).” Give it a listen below!

The MEMBA boys gave the original “Chasing Light” a new twist with the advances they have made in their sound. They brought Mothica back for vocals on part two and her voice is just as beautiful as ever. The two tracks listened to side by side show MEMBA’s progression and the attention to details they have formed. Full of vocal chops and their exceptionally different, but pretty trap sound, it is just as striking as the first version, if not more! Here’s to hoping that MEMBA will play this hit during the upcoming festival season and continue to release these amazing tracks.

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