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Armin Van Buuren Drops ‘Balance’ Remixes Pt. 1 Ahead of US Tour

Armin Van Buuren is one of the most successful international producers. He has been ranked number one in DJ Mag five times, four years in a row, has a Grammy nomination for his hit song “This Is What It Feels Like”, and holds the record for the most entries (21 total) on the US Billboard Dance Chart. His contribution to trance has popularized the once underground genre and after 24 years, he’s still making huge waves in the electronic music scene. At the end of 2019, Armin Van Buuren released his highly anticipated 7th studio album, Balance, which included the hit tracks “Wild Wild Son” with Sam Martin, “Blah Blah Blah”, and “Sunny Days” with Josh Cumbee. Balance has a combined 450 million streams on Spotify and is easily one of the most impressive albums of 2019. Lucky for us, Armin Van Buuren still has more in store and on January 17, he release Balance (Remixes Pt. 1) featuring flips by producers such as i_o, Erly Tepshi, and Genix
 Armin Van Buuren’s Balance Tour is going to be coming to Phoenix, Arizona on February 6th at the Van Buren so don’t forget to get tickets to this highly anticipated show (available here).


The first song on Balance (Remixes Pt. 1) is “Mr. Navigator (i_o Remix)”. i_o gives “Mr. Navigator” a dark, techno sound and the vocals with traditional, metallic reverb will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a warehouse rave. The song is easily one of my personal favorites and if you enjoy i_o’s other work be sure to check it out. The next song featured is “Runaway (Erly Tepshi Remix)” with Candace Sosa. This track has a more relaxed feel and is on the lighter, more chill side of trance. It’s a refreshing twist on one of the more popular songs from Balance and Erly Tepshi did an amazing job capturing a familiar, yet comfortingly unique sound. As the song progresses, you’ll hear more and more subtle elements that make the track complex and interesting for the listener. The final song featured on Balance (Remixes Pt. 1) is “It Could Be (Genix Remix)” with Inner City. This track has a more “traditional” electronic sound and is a combination of European big room and house. The remix is highly danceable, all while continuing the relaxing vibe that “Runaway (Erly Tepshi Remix)” created. The synth plucks are nostalgic and hearing this live would certainly get the whole crowd on their feet. 


Each remix on Balance (Remixes Pt. 1) has a distinct sound, thanks to the different artists represented, but Armin Van Buuren’s signature trance-style keeps the songs connected at a deeper level. We don’t get new music from Armin Van Buuren very often, but hopefully we will get Balance (Remixes Pt. 2) in the near future. 


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