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JAXX DA FISHWORKS started in Australia and is now based in Tokyo, Japan after signing with various big labels such as Ministry of Sound, Insomniac, Armada, and Cr2, just to name a few. He has collaborated with house artists Sinden, Bot, and The Count on his track “Don’t Wait Up” released on Insomniac. JAXX has also performed at major festivals like EDC, and is also touring the globe. One of his most renowned tracks is his remix of Boombox Cartel’s song on Mad Decent “Alamo.” JAXX is expected to be one of Japan’s most famed DJ and producer in the year to come. JAXX DA FISHWORKS dropped his first solo release on the Night Bass record label with his Pusher EP, consisting of two nearly four minute songs “Pusher” and “Polka Dot.”

The first song, and name of the EP is “Pusher” starts off with a steady beat and high hat notes that builds up with the addition of catchy vocals culminating into a groovy track you’ll want to get down to at the club. “Polka Dot” is the second and final song of the EP that has has a similar beginning with high hat notes and repetitive bass beats that builds into a snappy synth rhythm. You can keep up to date with this rising tech house star at the links below!

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