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Luca Lush Remixed ‘Griztronics’ and it Just Hits Different

Our favorite blue-haired future house has just gone where many braved before him, but few have executed to his level. Once upon a time bass master mixer, Subtronics and Saxophone sovereign, Griz teamed up to create one of the most unlikely and YET one of the most impactful songs of the season, “Griztronics.” To know the pure GENIUS of Luca Lush’s remix y0u need to kn0w what he was working with. Check out the original below.

Now that you see (and hear) what lush was working with, you will truly be able to appreciate the masterful remix Luca Lush put on this wild tune. He stripped it down to its most raw form and deepened the impact in an octave type of way. With subtle wobbles and wobbles, your head will stay in place but your mind will be blown. Check it out below.

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