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Remix Recall: ‘Doses & Mimosas’ – Cherub (Tiësto Remix)

There are only a handful of songs that can make us feel the way “Doses & Mimosas” by Cherub does. This track is an all-time favorite to many and has become a timeless tune we love to blast each and every summer. For this week’s Remix Recall, we’re helping celebrate the 10 year anniversary of “Doses & Mimosas” with a brand-new remix from one of the greatest to ever do it, Tiësto.

Check out Tiësto’s remix of Cherub’s “Doses & Mimosas” below:

“Doses & Mimosas” is a track that everyone has their own story for. Whenever it comes on, the feeling of nostalgia starts to take over and we’re reminded of countless memories of those carefree times. There’s this magic that surrounds the track and whenever you hear it come on, the magic starts to surround you too. Tiësto taking his own spin on “Doses & Mimosas” gives us the chance to experience a new kind of magic.

Tiësto’s remix is a much-needed blast from the past! He’s given “Doses & Mimosas” a new direction by building it up with some warm house synths, sweet melodies, and an irresistible bassline. Staying true to Cherub and keeping his smooth melancholy vocals, we can still feel that same soulful vibe as the original. Known as the Godfather of EDM, Tiësto is one of the industry’s most versatile artists. He can remix anything from reggaeton to pop and sometimes even remixes himself. Each summer we always have at least one Tiësto tune on repeat, this summer this remix is definitely going of be one of them.

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