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Sángo Remixes Waldo’s ‘God Nem’

Kai Asa Savon Wright, known as Sángo on stage by his fans, is a multifaceted record producer and DJ based out of Grand Rapids and Seattle. His genre-fluid and creative-fluid talents include graphic design, producing hip hop originals, and remixes for artists like Aaliyah, Drake, Nas, The Weeknd, and more. When describing his own music, Sángo articulates it as “Beats influenced by American hip-hop music, southern, black gospel, 70s/80s soul, straightforward dance music, funk carioca, etc. I could go on, but my point is that when you listen to my music, it’s for you to label if you want. It’s everything I hope you love.” Sángo seems to have a mission to open your mind just as he has to hear music without genre boundaries. Experiment with this idea and listen to his remix of Waldo’s song “God Nem” below.

“God Nem” balances dreamy sound design gently faded behind a sturdy beat and hip hop vocals. Any aggressive undertones that may have existed are eradicated with the soothing flow of Sángo’s production style. He said it right: it’s everything he hopes we love. To enter his dreamscape of hip hop, join Sángo when he plays at Crescent Ballroom on March 5th. You can get your tickets here.

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