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Sikdope and Duke & Jones Drop ‘Coming Down’

An international alliance, Polish DJ/producer Sikdope and UK duo Duke & Jones have teamed up to create one of the hottest tracks of the new decade. A perfect way to kick off the new year, this triple threat of talent is take over in 2020. In this heavy-hitting banger, “Coming Down,” Sikdope and Duke & Jones take their signature sounds to the next level over the course of not one, not two, but three unique drops, as well as plenty of other enticing moments. But before we dig in, what’s the story behind this song?

While this may the first official collaboration between Sikdope and Duke & Jones, these artists are far from strangers to one another. As a matter of fact, this union was years in the making.

“Our manager has been sending our stuff to Sikdope for a while, and he’s been
playing some songs out at sets and giving us feedback. Not content with that, he
decided to be even nicer and offered to put out a collab. We sent David a rough
demo version of the song and he took it to a whole new level of hype, adding
an extra drop and putting more energy in the build and breaks.
We love how it ended up – it’s so much fun to play out!” – Duke & Jones

As exciting and wholesome as that is, it gets even better when you add Sikdope’s perspective.

“I met Luke and Isaac through my manager Jake, they turned out to be the most
humble and down to earth people I’ve met and I’ve also been a big supporter of their
work. Naturally I decided to help them out and ask to do a song together. I think the
single really showcases our styles and it’s a perfect blend between uplifting melodies
on the intros, and explosive amounts of energy on three different drops.” – Sikdope

With vibrant vocals, heavy electro elements, and a fantastic fusion of genres throughout, the sky is the limit for this three-headed beast. Just as every drop has something different to offer, so, too, do the other sections of the song contain countless sounds, styles, modifications, and more. In short, all three producers were determined to make this track as fresh, innovative, and imaginative as possible; and the result, of course, speaks for itself.

If “Coming Down” is any indication, then 2020 is sure to be a big year for Sikdope, Duke & Jones, and their fully-bloomed friendship. We can’t wait to see what all these top-tier talents do next!

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